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Throwback: The Wedding #OHANAWEDS

It's our Second Year Anniversary today. To start the day, I would love to share with you all one of the most unforgettable nights of my life. 

Here is the Video Highlight to our event, if you have any questions about the Wedding, Venue, Vendors, etc., do not hesitate to contact me. 

Below are links to our Wedding Photos (Via Pinterest Boards):

Welcome to our ohana's "highlight reel"

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. If you haven't already, you can learn about our ohana, in the ABOUT section. I am super excited to get started but at the same time super nervous from all the things I hear from my favorite bloggers.

I would love to use my blog to help reach out to others in the world. I’d love to help inspire and motivate mothers. I love everything about motherhood (including, pregnancy and birth), decor and DIY.

I just want to start by saying, I am not doing this to show off my life and to gain free products by sponsors. That being said, I will not be advertising or promoting products unless I truly do love them and have purchased them myself. I was supposed to launch this first week of January but I got caught up with Maui's Birthday Party and going back to work full-time. 

ALSO, for those who are here to compare themselves.. I believe in working together and not against each other. I am here to SUPPORT and NOT COMPETE :) This is mainly going to be a collection of main events that happen in our lives. I would also like to make it clear that because this is a HIGHLIGHT of our lives, it is not EVERYTHING. I cannot express this enough, please do not assume our family is perfect. I will try my best to post about both ups and downs. This is more of a highlight reel and we may have things going on that we would rather keep in private. I hope you enjoy!