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Skoah’s Facialicous Facial

I had the opportunity to visit Skoah Metrotown and experienced a Facial Treatment done. Actually, they don’t call it treatment. They call it “training” or “skin care workouts” because they want the best for our face and skin in the long run.


When I first arrived, they made sure I was relaxed and offered me water or tea. They asked me about my current skin care routine and if I had any concerns. I was moved into my cozy room with the lights dimmed and a heated bed. Once we got started, I was told that I would also get a massage. So not just a facial, but a foot, hand, shoulder and scalp massage! AMAZING RIGHT? The esthetician who was working on me examined my face and gave me advice on what I should work on and how. She wasn’t pushy with selling products (which I love). She also explained what she was doing throughout the whole experience. Their facials are custom made in order to meet the unique requirements of our skin. I left the room feeling all kinds of brand new! My skin felt so clean, soft and refreshed.


Their skin products are are natural, easy to use and made in Canada. If you’ve been following me since my Instagram days, you know I’m a local business supporter and I’m all about “everything local”. I am so proud that this company was founded here in Vancouver more than 15 years ago (2001 to be exact).

I’ve fallen in love with Skoah as they also mentioned to me that they “love celebrating busy moms on the go”. Their CEO and founder of the company is a busy mom and entrepreneur. You can read more about her here


What I got done was called the Facialicous Facial. It’s 75 minutes long and includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, customized masks, and muscle-melting massage. I’ve partnered up with Skoah Metrotown and we want to give you a chance to experience relaxation at its best! Here is how you can win a FREE Facialicious Facial (worth $125). Please note, this is open to locals as it’s strictly at the Metrotown’s a location only. 

  1. Follow @monicafms and @skoah.metrotown on instagram
  2. Find the contest photo on my Instagram feed and comment 3 friends (3 friends per comment, each comment is one entry)  
  3. For a bonus 10 entries: Like my Facebook Page - A Dose Of Ohana (Comment your Instagram Name on the Contest Photo on there, so I can keep track) 



For those who are looking to try out, Skoah Metrotown has given me the opportunity to give you guys $50 off your first treatment. Just fill out this form (click) here to get started. 


Disclaimer: My Facialicous Facial was complimentary from Skoah Metrtown

Welcome to our ohana's "highlight reel"

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. If you haven't already, you can learn about our ohana, in the ABOUT section. I am super excited to get started but at the same time super nervous from all the things I hear from my favorite bloggers.

I would love to use my blog to help reach out to others in the world. I’d love to help inspire and motivate mothers. I love everything about motherhood (including, pregnancy and birth), decor and DIY.

I just want to start by saying, I am not doing this to show off my life and to gain free products by sponsors. That being said, I will not be advertising or promoting products unless I truly do love them and have purchased them myself. I was supposed to launch this first week of January but I got caught up with Maui's Birthday Party and going back to work full-time. 

ALSO, for those who are here to compare themselves.. I believe in working together and not against each other. I am here to SUPPORT and NOT COMPETE :) This is mainly going to be a collection of main events that happen in our lives. I would also like to make it clear that because this is a HIGHLIGHT of our lives, it is not EVERYTHING. I cannot express this enough, please do not assume our family is perfect. I will try my best to post about both ups and downs. This is more of a highlight reel and we may have things going on that we would rather keep in private. I hope you enjoy!