4 Tips on Saving our Planet

Earth day/month may be over but we need set our minds to making everyday Earth Day. Over time, we have slowly been killing our beautiful planet and the only way it can be saved is by our actions. So let’s start here, let’s start now. 

Here are 4 things you can easily change in your everyday life to save Earth. 


We can start from our actual home by saving as much energy as we can. We saved so much during Earth Hour. Imagine if everyone did something like this, at least once a day. Simple things like: turning off or unplugging things that are being unused. Avoid using the heater or air conditioner as much as possible. Double check utilities before leaving the house or before going to bed to minimize the use. BONUS- This can help us in the long run money wise. You can use that money to treat yourself for once! 


There are many things we can do to conserve water. Examples are brushing our teeth with the tap water off and making sure we don’t have leaky sinks overnight. I live in Vancouver, which is also know as Raincouver. Our city has tried to make a difference by implementing rules during the Summer Season to when you are allowed to water your lawn. Purchase a Rain Barrell or anything simple that can catch rain. Let’s take a bigger step and save the water we get from Mother Nature and use that for our lawn or garden. 


Garbage goes straight to our landfills and when you start to organize your trash, it can help in a lot of ways. Recycling is usually a natural for all of us. Composting is something we at home have recently started. Sounded difficult at first but it’s easy once you do it on the daily. BONUS - Compost can be used as fertilizer. 


I know once you get a car, it’s hard to not drive everywhere. Walking or taking your bike will definitely help from pollution. If it’s not an option, figure out together a car pool or transit day. An easy way is to start slow, start with one day a week. It will still make a difference! BONUS - You can get a workout out of it AND save money on expensive gas. 


Other easy tips: 

  • Purchase a cute water bottle so that you enjoy taking it around with you, instead of buying plastic water bottles. 
  • Laundry: Wash your clothes in cold water!

Growing up I was taught how to save the environment and assumed it was something everyone knew (and participate in). Let’s spread the word and teach our kids on how to save their future.