Last month, we decided to do a little getaway. Since it was a last minute plan, we decided to go to a place that wouldn’t cost much.. LAS VEGAS! At first we were hesitant because we’d be bringing Baby Maui, but after talking to a few moms we realized there were a lot of toddler friendly things to do!




We drove to Bellingham and took Allegiant to fly to Las Vegas. These flights are super affordable and have packages that include hotel for as little as $250 per person for 4 nights (could be less / more). The plane is small and won’t be as luxurious as other ones but we thought of it as a way of spending money on other things. No matter what, your just going to be sitting in a plane, doesn’t make a difference to us. As we were waiting at the gates, Paul and I were nervous about getting on the plane with a toddler. When we got in, we could could tell people around us were hoping they wouldn’t have to sit near us. The staff was amazing, they made us feel comfortable and gave things to Baby’s Maui to keep him occupied. We definitely felt special! One of the best parts of our trip was the flight going back home. Everyone was boarded and two passengers decided they didn’t want to fly back, so we had to wait for them to sort out their luggage and get off the plane. Passengers were getting frustrated as we waited in the airplane for about 30 minutes. To keep Baby’s Maui occupied, I was making silly faces. He began to laugh hard and out loud for the next 15 minutes.. which eventually caused everyone in the whole airplane to laugh OUT LOUD too! After that plane ride, passengers approached us to thank us for the great plane ride. One of the best feelings in the world to know your little one can give joy to others  

FLYING TIP: Our trick was to tire him out before both plane rides, so he can pass out during the whole flight. 




Cloud Of Goods is a company that rents out equipment to make travelling easy. Both travellers and locals can rent out equipment when needed. You can reserve equipment ahead of time and they will have it delivered to your hotel, airport or wherever you need. Equipment includes mobility gear, baby gear, and sports & outdoor gear. We had a stroller and car seat rented out for out whole trip. They delivered the items to the Valet of our hotel the night before we arrived. After we checked-in our hotel, we went straight to Valet and picked up our rentals. On our last day, all we had to do was leave it for Valet and Cloud Of Goods would pick it up from them later that day. It was SO easy! Currently, Cloud of Goods operates in San Francisco, Orlando, Anaheim, Las Vegas and San Diego with plans to expand globally soon.




The Hotel we stayed at was The Linq. Paul and I agreed we wouldn’t mind staying there again in the future. I enjoyed the Spa on the last day. With one service, you get access to the spa area for the whole day. I experienced the Himalayan Salt Cave for the first time and got a relaxing massage. Their pool was adult only, however they had a deal with the pool next door at Flamingo. The Flamingo’s pool was family friendly and we were given free access with our Linq Card. The Linq Promenade is where we hung out the most. They had the amazing view of the High Roller, great eats, cute shops and street entertainment. 


When Paul and I found out that the AVENGERS STATION was located in Las Vegas, we were so excited! We all know that not only kids love Avengers, but so do adults! At first, you’ll enter the shop full of Avenger Merchandise. That’s where you can purchase your ticket to enjoy the exhibition. The tour included the the weapons, suits and facts of the Avenger Squad! I’m sure I can say this for everyone in our group, we felt like kids again! 



Mandalay Bay is located South if the Las Vegas Strip. Both Paul and I agreed we should stay at this hotel next time, it’s so family friendly! We walked down from our hotel and to Excalibur. From Excalibur we took the Monorail (free) to Mandalay Bay.

First, we went to the Shark Reef. It had aquarium feels as we walked passed ocean creatures. Had everything from all kinds of fishes, jelly fishes and an octopus. The sharks were at the end of the exhibition and there were A LOT of sharks. Definitely a go to place if you’re bringing your kids (and husband). 

We were hoping to go to the beach and realized there’s not really a beach area in the middle of the dessert (oops!). I did some research and the closest we could get was the outdoor pool at Mandalay Bay! They’ve got a man-made beach area, baby area, wave pool and more! 



Living in Vancouver, BC (Canada) we don't have In-N-Out and there isn't any one near us. It was our go-to fast food spot for fries, burgers and milkshakes. We were lucky it was located in The Linq's Promenade area.

Across from In-N-Out was Jaburritos. You can either get "sushi in a bowl" or a "sushi burrito". We tried this two days before leaving and wish we knew about it earlier because it was bomb! It wasn't as busy as the other places, which was nice because we had a toddler with us.

Chayo is a Mexican Restaurant located in The Linq and the Promenade area. For the first breakfast spot we tried out we felt like it was too much for us and tried to explore other places. When we tried Chayo's breakfast menu, we came back every morning of our trip! Who knew Tacos and Breakfast can go together?! Loved it!

For those who have a sweet-tooth, you will love this place! They have everything from cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, pre-mixed cupcake batter and more. They are also able to put together cupcakes for your flight out. After hours, they've got a cupcake ATM that is open 24/7.


Across the street from our hotel is Caesars. The shopping spot is entertaining at the same time. As you walk in, the ceiling is similar to the hotel in Paris. It looks like you are outside. There are a few beautiful  statues and displays. At the very end there is The Cheesecake Factory. We had dinner there of course because we don't have one where we live. Baby Maui enjoyed chasing the fish in the mini Aquarium and the show nearby.



One of my go-to places in Vegas! This one is for seafood lovers. Located out of the Vegas Strip, but nearby. They give you your food in a bag mixed with your flavor and spice of choice. B O M B !


There are many cute shops located in the South of the Strip that’s kid friendly! You’ve got Coca Cola, Hershey’s, Reese’s, M&M’s, Etc! Great place to grab a few souvenirs too.




I wouldn't mind coming back to Vegas with a toddler! So many baby friendly things to do and you can definitely enjoy without partying, drinking and gambling (not saying we didn't ;)). 


SOME of the places mentioned were given to us for free or at a discounted price in return of a review or mention on this post.