Take a break with Heineken 0.0

“Treat yourself to a drink - you’ve earned it. According to a recent survey fielded by Heineken 0.0, almost a quarter of Canadians agree that the top benefit to cutting back on alcohol is to keep focused on taking care of the family. Having to choose either or seems unfair - so, don’t.” - Heineken

After a long and cold Winter, I am sitting here soaking up all the sunshine and enjoying Heineken 0.0 guilt-free. When I say guilt-free it’s because it’s a refreshing, non-alcoholic beer. It let’s me stay on top while I am with Baby Maui. Bonus - it’s perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. While most of you mama’s may crave a drink, this alternative let’s you satisfy your craving without worrying about alcohol affecting you.

I am not your typical “wine drinking mom” - I’ve tried really hard to convince myself that I like it but it is not for me. I am glad I’m not, because if I ever did crave it - I wouldn’t have the chance to have a sip over the past three years. Not saying that I don’t drink though - I used to enjoy beer and shots. From what I can recall, my last drink was April 2016 on our wedding day. After that, I was unable to drink alcohol knowing I was pregnant with Baby Maui around May 2016. I thought I would be able to drink after giving birth, nope. Maui was all about the breastmilk and it had to come straight from me (no bottles). I breastfed him for over two years and was only able to stop a couple months ago. Of course, I am pregnant with my second, so any intake of drinks are not an option. Not to sound like I absolutely need alcohol but it would be nice to sit back and have a drink once in a while. Knowing that I plan to breastfeed the next baby, I am sure it will be a very long time before I can enjoy a sip of anything. That’s until Heineken came to the rescue! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give your non-alcoholic beer a try! It goes down smoothly and the only difference is this time I won’t have a hangover!