Getting ready for Baby No. 2

I've been slowly preparing for the baby coming this May. Don't you wish you can just snap your fingers and whatever you need appears in front of you? Having a second baby a couple years after my firstborn really helps because we kept a few of the stuff we used the first time. It’s just going through our storage to find everything keeping me delayed.

Now that I am 36 weeks pregnant, I feel I’ve got most items ready to go. I was able to save most of Baby Maui’s clothing (including newborn sizes). I just did a final wash and reorganized the closet and drawers. Luckily, the Crib and Changer were still up. All we had to do was raise the crib and rearrange the room a bit. Here are a few items I added to our collection.

Lollipop Camera
This Camera was gifted to us by Lollipop Camera to review. I didn’t use a camera to watch over Baby Maui because I was always with him in the same room. Now that he is a toddler, he will probably be playing downstairs throughout the day. We decided we would need a camera this time because I might have to keep the new baby in his crib when he sleeps. A review of the camera will be coming soon, once we have been able to actually use it.

4Moms Mamaroo
I purchased the Mamaroo second hand from the Facebook Marketplace. I won’t have much help this time and I know I will be a lot more busier once the baby is out. I am hoping this will be able to help soothe the baby when needed.

Monte Bassinet
I was looking for a bassinet or a small playpen to keep in the living room. I found the Monte Bassinet on Facebook Marketplace and got a really good deal out of it. I felt I needed this to keep the baby away from the toddler and dogs.