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Pregnancy Reveal - Baby No. 2

Baby Maui is going to be a “Big Bruddah” - coming May 2019! Today is the day we let the rest of you know - WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! We told some of our close family and friends during first trimester because it was very hard to hide. I just started working out at 30 Minute Hit and I was under the Keto Diet for a couple months - until our trip from Hawaii. A few weeks after we got back, I was pregnant but didn’t really know until around 6-8 weeks and because I was irregular, I had no idea how far along I was for a while. It’s been a tough first trimester (at least compared to my first pregnancy). I am exhausted! Now, as we enter second trimester we can finally let you all know!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture everyone’s reaction. Don’t mind my annoying laughter after every reveal. Enjoy! XO

Fresh Prep

For those who know me personally, they know I do not belong in the kitchen. I’m not a great cook, the kitchen is my least favourite place in the house. We’ve got a little inside joke at home because my husband is very “traditional / old school” and grew up learning that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Ironically enough, he married me. Now, he’s always been the cook over the past seven years. There have been some attempts I made that were a hit or miss. The first time I made Paul lunch on my own, I baked chicken. I asked him how it was after I watched him finish chewing the last few bites of the meal. He smiled and said “it tastes like cardboard.” (He ate the whole thing - what a keeper). Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I made a promise to myself to try to be in the kitchen more often. I was able to learn a little bit as long as I was following a recipe.

I first heard about the meal subscriptions from a YouTube Vlogger in the USA. I was interested back then but never really worked out because the company was based in the US and was expensive. I found out recently that there were other companies based in Canada and decided to give it a try. There are many meal subscriptions available but what made me choose Fresh Prep is that they were local, ethical and sustainable. They “prioritize local farmers who specialize in seasonal, all-natural produce, as well as local small businesses.”

I’ve started using Fresh Prep ever since I went back to work full-time. Thanks to them, I’m learning how to make these amazing meals. The exact ingredients needed are delivered to your door, so you won’t need to worry about groceries!

Use code OHANA18 to get an extra discount off your Fresh Prep subscription. 

Jermaine Riley's First Birthday Party: #MAUISLUAU

Maui was born on December, between Christmas and New Years. I feel like it's the most awkward week of the year. Haha! We decided to let the Holiday Rush calm down and planned the party for a couple weeks after. Many of you have been asking me questions about the party, so I'll go more in detail. We are truly blessed and thankful as everything was put together with the help of our friends and family. Apologies in advance as this post is super long! 

Video Teaser by Gerard Penalosa (Contact info available)


My sister did most of the decor at the party, the moana themed letters she did by hand. She didn't even need a cricut for all the details. 

My friends recently started a company for Marquee Letter & Number Rentals. I wasn't able to get a good shot of the HUGE Foam Marquee of the number "1". I tried to take a few photos after the party, many people at the party were inquiring about it. If you check out SIMPLESERENDIPITYCO on instragram, you can contact them there about rates and customization. Thank you to our friends Mike Arnaldo & Pia Fillon!


Of course we had to get a Caterer that could do Hawaiian Inspired food. We had Mac Salad, Lomi Salmon, Salmon Poke, Spam Musubi and Kalua Pig! Thank you for introducing us Jackie from Aloha Kai Apparel

We added a few filipino dishes as we needed something with noodles to represent long life. We had Nana's most requested dish, palabok. If you are ever looking for filipino food, just give me a shout! My mom takes orders also.

For some vegetarians we added Cheese & Vegeterian Pizzas. As a joke, we also added "Hawaiian Pizza" on the side. I pre-ordered a week before and they were amazing! They had great customer service and were able to accommodate to my requests by cutting some pizzas to make more slices (there were some places that did't want to do it for me).

When my sister found out about the Luau, right away she offered to take over the dessert/snack table! It was one of the best tables I have ever seen! It was demolished so quickly! If you are looking for someone to take care of your baking needs or a little help with your dessert table, she may be available for you. She recently started baking on the side and is available in both the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Feel free to contact me for more information or visit her instagram at MOPLEASE_.



Our friend Kenneth got us our hawaiian themed cake! His sister, Joanne has been baking for us a lot lately! She did Maui's Baby Shower Cake, Half Birthday Cake and even mini cupcakes when he was born. We got two red velvet cakes that turned out so beautiful!

Our close friends, Jessa and Xavier are in charge of Dairy Queen on Main St, how amazing is that? As a gift, they also had a cake customized for us. We had the classic ice cream cake with his cake smash photo printed on it. If you are ever on Main St. and need to chill down, head over to Dairy Queen and let them know Maui sent you! 


All Photos and Video (unless stated otherwise) were done by our friend, Gerard Penalosa. Give me a shout if you want to get in contact with him! He is also the photographer behind VANCITYOOTD on instagram.



Ain't no party without the photo booth! One of our most requested vendors of the night. John was amazing from the start, we had a special package put together and when he arrived he was super flexible with our floor plan. I can't believe how patient he was with our guests cause it was pretty hectic at one point! We were able to customize the layout for the photobooth. We also had a cool feature where they'd print out photos that were uploaded on instagram with hashtag #mauisluau. 


Okay, these guys are seriously amazing. I asked about their service super last minute. When I mean last minute, I mean the DAY BEFORE. They were able to pull some strings for us and have someone at our party for both face painting and animal balloons! I don't have any photos of their work but if you head to their website they have a lot of photos. We didn't have any games planned out for the kids so they definitely enjoyed this! I noticed some adults were able to sneak some face painting art too, haha.

The main event of the party! We went all out with MAUI'S LUAU and had an amazing show hosted by Paul Latta. He was very professional and even planned out last minute extensions to the show. We originally had a fire dancer to end the night, however due to all the fabric on stage we had to cancel it that night. Paul was able to add time to replace the fire dance and the show was THE BEST! Guests have been bringing up how much fun the party was and its already two weeks past! 


There are probably a few things I might have left out, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions! MAHALO!