Easy eating after birth

I have heard of making frozen meals before giving birth to make it easy when coming home from the hospital. I wasn't able to do that because our freezer is small and already occupied. I am lucky enough to have my mom, who helped make food for me during the first few days. I had oatmeal every morning and soup throughout the day to help with the breastmilk. After about a week, I was more on my own and was able to get help from a few local businesses.

Photo on left: Gomae Meal Prep / Photo on right: Feeding Mama Lunch Meal

Gomae delivers a minimum four meals a week - depending on you choice of plan. Everything on their menu is is plant-based using a lot of herbs, spices and other healthy options. If you saw my instagram post about this, you would know my husband is a typical meat lover but he says he doesn’t mind going on a plant-based diet if the food tastes as good as Gomae’s menu. Another great thing about them is that they are a zero waste company. They use reusable containers and pick up after use. A convenient way to have meals ready to go! if you want to try them out, you can use code "OHANA20" to get $20 off on your first delivery! Click here to start your plant-base diet journey!

Revive Organics delivers healthy, organic, preservative-free cups in the most convenient format possible. They have a variety of smoothies and overnight oats you can choose from. With the option of weekly or monthly deliveries, they are very flexible to what fits your lifestyle. The cups they sent had all the ingredients in them. All I had to do was do the last steps. So on hot days, I was lucky enough to have a cup of smoothie ready to go, I just had to add almond milk and blend (you can add whatever liquid you want). For the overnight oats, I would add coconut milk the night before. In the morning, I would have oatmeal ready for me to eat. My favorite out of their whole menu is the Banana Nut Oats! But seriously - the smoothies are perfect for this summer too. I’ve got a code to give you 50% off on your first delivery, use code “MONICA50”. Click here to get a hold of easy smoothie and oats!

Fresh Prep is similar to Revive Organics but it’s meals instead. My husband calls Mondays the “lazy day” because that’s when we cook using Fresh Prep. They provide fresh, measured and chopped ingredients. Every week there is a different menu, I get to choose from many options. Ingredients are ready to go, I just have to follow the recipe card. Meals are usually done in 30 minutes. Everything is prepared so there are fewer dishes to clean up also. I always fee like a professional chef because the food always look and taste extra good. Use code “OHANA18” for a big discount on your first delivery. Click here to start cooking!

Mona is behind Feeding Mama, she made it extra special by doing personal deliveries. I felt like I gained a new friend and loved the face to face contact we had. It was a bonus to have someone check up on me after birth. She came by to deliver on the first day I was alone with the two boys. The first week, I ordered the lactating cookies and broths. I normally like soups with chunks, so I was not use to just drinking broth on its own. However, I felt very nourished. For the lactating cookies - I was so surprised how full I felt after eating just one! Second week, Mona came by with actual meals, tea and turmeric energy balls. I was so blown away with everything - I was filled with delicious AND nutritious food. Feeding Mama has meal plans that help you focus on bonding with the baby by not cooking. The food in the meal plan package is prepared in reusable dishes that they will wash for you. There is so much to say about the benefits of their menu. More details are available on their website, you can click here for more information.

This one is a bonus, I wanted to add this here because I did at their products to my diet right after birth also. I believe it helped me with lactation, I had no problem with my milk supply. This company is not local but they do deliver to Canada. They sent me lactation bites and powder to help with my breastmilk. There is a lot more I want to write about when it comes to Majka, I will probably save it for another post. If you did want to check it out for now - click here.