Lollipop Camera Review

I was gifted the Lollipop Camera in exchange of a review. This is the first and only baby monitor I have ever used, so I don’t really have any expectations or comparisons. We have been using it for almost two months and we love it. From doing my research, this camera is more on the affordable side. When I mean affordable, less expensive than other brands. It streams through wi-fi and can be viewed on the Lollipop App from your phone.

The box comes with many different mounting options. We first had it attached to the crib, but the toddler kept playing with it. We had to get it out of reach from the toddler so we have it standing up on a shelf now. Other options include: mounting on a wall, bond and rolled onto anything you can think of. I love the flexibility of where we can place the camera because we don’t have much space in our room.

If you have multiple lollipop cameras for different areas at home, you will be able to easily access all cameras in one app. The app is easy to use and includes so many features in one. I love how I could detect crying and noise. There is also the great feature of cross detection. You would be notified if the baby goes out of the crib or whatever area you wanted to restrict them in. I used it to make sure the toddler doesn’t get into the crib while the baby was in there.

There is also a seperate accessory you can purchase, called the sensor. With that, you would be able to detect the temperature, humidity and air quality of the room. All these features could be accessed in one app!

With 720p HD, the video quality is great. Night vision is automatic and the wide view helps with access to basically almost the whole room. The sound quality is also great both ways. I am able to turn the app into a audio monitor. So I could have my phone locked and still be able to hear what is going on in the room. The camera also works as a sound machine. I could control what the sounds or even talk through the app and it would reach the baby in the room.


Overall, this product to me is definitely a must have. Especially with two boys and room sharing. I was able to be more flexible at my own home.