Surprise Subscription Box: Why and Whale

So back in December, I was lucky enough to be a winner of a Why and Whale Giveaway. I used the credit to try out their subscriptions. I was subscribed to both January and February. This was my very first time, so I was definitely excited.



The JANUARY box was super cute! We received three items: a toy, cream and clothing. I picked up my package a month late, so I already had an idea of what I was going to receive.


Woodmouse and Thistle
I haven't had a chance to purchase Baby Maui a simple button up cardigan, so I was excited about this piece that was chosen for us! Quality was great and I can't wait to style him in it.

Tubby Todd
I've actually been subscribed and following Tubby Todd for a while but I kept procrastinating when it came to trying it out. I tested it out and it's definitely not greasy (it does say ointerment) I can't wait to try this out on both Baby Maui and I! 

My favorite item in the January Box. Baby Maui went for it right away and I was able to get some work done for a while because he was busy playing with these magnetic blocks. I love the colors of the blocks and the pocket case is so cute! I am all about cute packaging.


The February Box was definitely a surprise. We received three items: a book, drinking accessory and clothing. The book was "These Words I Shaped for You" by Megan Merchant. The drinking accessory was the SiliSkin by SiliKids. If you haven't heard about them, you should check their accessories out. I was actually planning on trying them out! SiliSkin is a silicone material that you could wrap around the top of a regular cup to keep from spilling. Lastly, the clothing was from Lulu and Roo. Both a sweater/hoodie and sweatpants in a  stripe and solid design.

I guess this is more of a peak of what you would be getting if you were to subscribe to Why and Whale. Since I only received the items a couple days ago I don't think it would be enough to review each item. I am sure it would be worth the price for you mama's in the USA. I would continue my subscription, however because it is in USD the conversion from CAD to USD makes each box approximately $80 CAD. I also had my boxes shipped to my US Address for lower shipping rates. LOVE the items but would be above my budget as I just recently started going back to work. Do you know any Canadian-based subscription boxes similar to this? If so, please let me know!