Take a break with Heineken 0.0

“Treat yourself to a drink - you’ve earned it. According to a recent survey fielded by Heineken 0.0, almost a quarter of Canadians agree that the top benefit to cutting back on alcohol is to keep focused on taking care of the family. Having to choose either or seems unfair - so, don’t.” - Heineken

After a long and cold Winter, I am sitting here soaking up all the sunshine and enjoying Heineken 0.0 guilt-free. When I say guilt-free it’s because it’s a refreshing, non-alcoholic beer. It let’s me stay on top while I am with Baby Maui. Bonus - it’s perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. While most of you mama’s may crave a drink, this alternative let’s you satisfy your craving without worrying about alcohol affecting you.

I am not your typical “wine drinking mom” - I’ve tried really hard to convince myself that I like it but it is not for me. I am glad I’m not, because if I ever did crave it - I wouldn’t have the chance to have a sip over the past three years. Not saying that I don’t drink though - I used to enjoy beer and shots. From what I can recall, my last drink was April 2016 on our wedding day. After that, I was unable to drink alcohol knowing I was pregnant with Baby Maui around May 2016. I thought I would be able to drink after giving birth, nope. Maui was all about the breastmilk and it had to come straight from me (no bottles). I breastfed him for over two years and was only able to stop a couple months ago. Of course, I am pregnant with my second, so any intake of drinks are not an option. Not to sound like I absolutely need alcohol but it would be nice to sit back and have a drink once in a while. Knowing that I plan to breastfeed the next baby, I am sure it will be a very long time before I can enjoy a sip of anything. That’s until Heineken came to the rescue! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give your non-alcoholic beer a try! It goes down smoothly and the only difference is this time I won’t have a hangover!

Indoor Photo Ops in Vancouver

The Confetti Box

Welcome to The Confetti Box - a Photo Op space located in Burnaby, BC. They have many giant art installations to create super fun photos. This also includes two adult size ball pits! The cost to get in is $28 per person for each hour (no matter what age). Great way for your friends and family to get together and have fun! Take a look at how much fun we had with Jermaine’s God Mother! We weren’t able to get a photo with all the amazing artwork because I was too exhausted going around with my big belly.

CANDY CANDY CANDY, Cake pops and Lollipops:

Donuts and Ice Cream!

Lovin’ the art here


These would be perfect for Christmas Cards!

Ball Pit Fun! Big enough for adults, Jermaine was drowning!

Musee Du Bonbon

Another place we found was Musee Du Bonbon - a “chic exhibition” located in Richmond, BC. They have many multiple rooms with fun backdrops and props. This one has has a crazy confetti room! The cost to get in is $28 per adult and $18 for kids ages 6-12. Children under 6 won’t need a ticket. Musee Du Bonbon will only be here until March 31st, 2019. It would be a great way to capture fun photos - especially during the spring break season!

Spent most of our time in the Confetti Room, Jermaine did not want to leave!

“Three” of us squeezing into a one person tub!

A couple super cute backgrounds, there were a lot more but this little guy wanted to play!


Cart fun with Jermaine’s Tia!

I usually depend on natural sunlight for my photos and will give a heads up that the lighting for BOTH locations were not so great. Most photos were taken by our cellphones, I would suggest to bring a nice camera (and a buddy who knows how to use it in indoor lighting).

Pregnancy Reveal - Baby No. 2

Baby Maui is going to be a “Big Bruddah” - coming May 2019! Today is the day we let the rest of you know - WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! We told some of our close family and friends during first trimester because it was very hard to hide. I just started working out at 30 Minute Hit and I was under the Keto Diet for a couple months - until our trip from Hawaii. A few weeks after we got back, I was pregnant but didn’t really know until around 6-8 weeks and because I was irregular, I had no idea how far along I was for a while. It’s been a tough first trimester (at least compared to my first pregnancy). I am exhausted! Now, as we enter second trimester we can finally let you all know!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture everyone’s reaction. Don’t mind my annoying laughter after every reveal. Enjoy! XO